Parliamentary culture, media and sport committee reports on the Arts Council 05/11/2014


Report on the Arts Council commends its work but asks for a greater proportion of support to go to the regions. »more

HLF announces £5m for Collecting Cultures 05/11/2014


23 museums benefit from new grants to research and extend collections on a theme. »more

Museum directors criticise MA President for comments on ACE museum funding 24/10/2014


20 museum directors have written to the Museums Journal to take issue with comments made by MA President David Anderson about Arts Council England's funding for museums, and to urge the MA to build bridges. »more

Arts Council NI on the brink of cuts to already awarded grants 05/09/2014


The sector faces up to 5% in year cuts. »more

NMDC publishes briefing about museum partnerships 12/08/2014


Our briefing looks at how loans and sharing good practice increase resilience in the sector and drive tourism. »more

Museum world calls for UK to ratify Hague Convention on the Protection of Cultural Propert 11/08/2014


Senior cultural figures say there is now parliamentary time to pass important legislation to protect historical artefacts during war. »more

Early career museum professionals give a Manifesto for the Future of Museums 10/08/2014


Young professionals think ahead to the next decades of the sector, and the future they would like to see. »more

Working Internationally Regional Project launched in June 03/07/2014


ICOM-UK with ACE and NMDC are collaborating on a project to help local and regional museums work internationally. »more

Pay and display: new campaign to pay artists for exhibitions 04/06/2014

Paying Artists campaign attracts widespread sector support. »more

National Museum Wales embraces government’s anti-child-poverty agenda 04/06/2014


They publish an anti poverty resource pack with examples from across the cultural sector. »more