NMDC welcomes philanthropy announcements 09/12/2010


NMDC welcomes both Jeremy Hunt’s announcement yesterday to boost philanthropy and the tribute paid to those generous donors who have already made such an important contribution to our museums and galleries. »more

Government recognises the value of national museums 20/10/2010


The Government’s CSR statement recognises the front line nature of museum services, the importance of preserving free admission and the crucial role of museums in contributing to the British economy. »more

Record visitor numbers to UK national museums 30/09/2010


This summer saw a record number of visitors to the UK’s national museums. Over 5.7 million people visited UK national museums in August 2010. This represents an increase of 11% from August 2009. »more

New research measures cultural impact of museums 08/09/2010


A new paper explores the wide range of impact and influence NMDC members and their projects have on reflecting, exploring and defining cultural heritage and cultural values in the UK. »more

Museums, Libraries and Archives Council to be abolished 04/08/2010


NMDC statement on the abolition of the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA). »more

Museums and tourism 26/07/2010


NMDC has produced a new briefing paper on museums and tourism, highlighting the role of museums as drivers of British tourism, the fifth largest industry in the UK. »more

Museums' international activity 07/05/2010


NMDC has embarked on a new project looking at the international work of its members. »more

Investing in culture will build Britain’s social and economic recovery 25/03/2010


Today Britain's leading cultural and heritage organisations have joined together for the first time to launch their vision for the future in the document,Cultural Capital: A Manifesto for the Future. »more

NMDC calls for Government support for museum partnership working across the UK 01/02/2010


NMDC has published new research on museum partnerships. »more

NMDC highlights the unique role of museums 06/01/2010


NMDC's new publication,Museums Deliver,demonstrates the wide-ranging social and economic importance of museums in the UK. The report describes the activities of our museums and their unique role in society from the global stage to the local high-street. »more