HLF announces £5m for Collecting Cultures 5 Nov 2014

The HLF has awarded a total of £5m to 23 museums, libraries and archives to allow them to add to their collections.  Recipients include:
  • Science Museum, who will be collecting 600 Years of Mechanism Created in Lifelike Form (£100,000)
  • Manchester Art Gallery, From Catwalk to High Street (£307,300)
  • National Museums Northern Ireland, Collecting the Troubles and Beyond (£370,000)
  • Royal Pavilion Museums Brighton and Hove, Fashioning Africa (£242,300)
  • National Museum Wales and partners, Saving Treasures, Telling Stories (£349,000)
  • University of Glasgow Archive Services, Darning Scotland’s Textile Collections: recording, identifying and expanding knowledge about Scotland’s Textile Heritage (£91,800)

HLF Chief Executive Carole Souter said that the scheme is unique in allowing organisations advance funding adding, “This upfront investment of £5m will enable a diverse range of collections, including children’s literature, robotics, fashion, football and the Black art movement, to be strengthened and enlivened.  Curators will be able to ‘go shopping’ with their HLF grant, researching to identify works of art, images and objects that they would like to purchase over the five-year life span of their Collecting Cultures project.” HLF, Brighton & Hove