Good programming and new innovations see rise in museum visitor figures 06/03/2014


The Beamish Museum, National Railway Museum and National Museum of Scotland all have a remarkable year - while the British Museum continues to lead the field. »more

Exhibition highlights from NMDC members 2014 06/02/2014


We have brought together a selection of the major exhibitions from our member museums for 2014 - covering everything from mammoths to Vikings, and suffragettes to WW1 commemorations. »more

Creative Industries: earning £8m every hour 04/02/2014


New figures released by DCMS reveal that the Creative Industries are earning £8 million every hour for the UK, or £71.4 billion every year. The figures have been calculated using a new formula developed with NESTA over the past two years. »more

Two English Heritage reports focus on skills shortage for the future 13/12/2013


There is a risk that traditional heritage skills may be lost with the retirement of a rapidly ageing workforce - but the sector also lacks people with IT knowledge. »more

HLF offers £5m in new round of 'Collecting Cultures' programme 13/12/2013


Substantial grants on offer to add to collections or improve their interpretation. »more

Arts Council responds to 'Rebalancing our Cultural Capital' 13/12/2013


Arts Council acknowledges that there is 'more to do' but argues that some figures in the report which suggested London is getting the lion's share of funding are misleading. »more

London: devouring the lion's share of cultural funding? 05/11/2013


A new reportRebalancing our Cultural Capitaltracks 20 years of government funding to argue that London is getting too large a slice of available funds. »more

NMDC responds to Copyright Exceptions Technical Review 16/08/2013


The Government is proposing changing aspects of copyright legislation to make it easier for museums to preserve works in their collection, make works available to view on dedicated terminals, and for librarians and archivists to be able to make single copies of works for visitors for the purpose of private study. NMDC (with other museum sector bodies) has responded to the reviewof the proposed legislative changes. »more

NMDC welcomes changes to the proposed History National Curriculum 08/08/2013


NMDC has welcomed the changes the Department of Education has made to their proposals for a revised History National Curriculum for English state-supported schools inour response to the consultation on the revisions. The initial proposal, published in Spring 2013, caused grave concern across the museum sector for a number of reasons including that it would not allow schoolchildren the opportunity to visit a museum or use museum resources as part of their History education. »more

EU Balance of Competences Review: Culture 08/08/2013


NMDC has responded to the Government consultation on the Balance of Competences between the European Union and the UK with regards to Culture. This is part of the evidence the Government is gathering to assess the relationship between the UK and the European Union. »more

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