Culture GVA up 9.5% in 2019, bringing £34.6bn to the economy 11/01/2021


New figures for 2019 show DCMS sectors outperforming the rest of the economy before the coronavirus hit. »more

Commercial income unlikely to recover for ‘several years’ in Welsh museums 02/09/2020


Evidence to Senedd underlines the challenges faced by museums but points to how they can deliver social benefit across health and education. »more

National Museum Directors' statement on Prime Minister's Announcement on 23 June 23/06/2020


The Directors of Tate, Science Museum Group, Natural History Museum, National Gallery, British Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum responded to the Prime Minister's announcement on 23rd June. »more

Scottish Government publishes its Culture Strategy 06/03/2020


The Strategy comes with £1.25m for new programmes including arts programme for libraries and nurseries and support for work to diversify museum staff. »more

NLHF launches £100m Heritage Horizon Awards 04/07/2019


First awards for projects over £5m available since 2017. »more

Making the most of your museums: a handbook for councillors 04/07/2019


ACE and LGA have produced a handbook of advice and case studies for councillors on supporting local authority museums. »more

BCLM begins its 1940s – 60s town 05/06/2019


The site will take BCLM's story to 1968 and explore themes including the rise of the teenager and the birth of the NHS. »more

Bournemouth University survey of the UK museum workforce 05/06/2019


Study aims to build on Character Matters report and develop an organisational culture supportive of the museum workforce. »more

APPG report recommends making wellbeing the goal of Government policy 05/06/2019


Report suggests spending an extra £10bn within five years on areas including mental health, teaching and social care. »more

DCMS Committee advocates scaling up work in report on the social impact of culture 05/06/2019


The report considers breaking the cycle of crime, opportunities through education, improving health, social prescribing, regenerating communities and maximising social impact. »more

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