NMDC staff changes and recruitment 05/02/2019


NMDC is recruiting for a new temporary Public Affairs Officer. »more

ACE publishes a guide to No Deal Brexit for cultural organisations 05/02/2019


Issues including EU programmes, staffing and people and cultural goods crossing borders are summarised for cultural groups. »more

Mendoza Review Action Plan and Partnership Framework 10/10/2018


Plans announced for closer work between DCMS, major cultural funders and policy bodies to create greater strategic focus. »more

ACE and other museum bodies publish joint statement on collections at risk 10/10/2018


Joint statement on museums and collections at risk. »more

NMDC and MA gather for a day of advocacy at Westminster 07/06/2018


MPs and museum professionals gather to discuss the importance and value of museums. »more

2018 Working Internationally Conference: Working locally, Thinking Globally 06/02/2018


Event and roundtable breakfast on 7th March at the National Museum of Scotland. »more

NMDC and MA respond to UK consultation on ivory 11/01/2018


Sector responses as government prepares for most ivory sales to become illegal and China bans the trade. »more

NMDC responds to Mendoza Review 07/12/2017


Read NMDC's response to The Mendoza Review and the Strategic review of DCMS-sponsored national museums. »more

New Vice Chair for NMDC 07/06/2017


TWAM's Iain Watson is the first person to take the new post. »more

NMDC at the Science Museum Group 08/04/2017


Our offices have now moved to the Science Museum. »more

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