Museum Partnership report offers a first in-depth analysis of the work of national museums 09/08/2019


DCMS report gives a wide-ranging view of national and international work during 2017 - 18. »more

Lifejackets, punk and prisons: new toolkit explores contemporary collecting 09/08/2019


Museums Development North West offers an introduction for beginners. »more

DCMS Committee recommends UK Garden Cities programme 09/08/2019


Report argues for a strong cultural component and highlights the link between garden design and the arts. »more

Lancashire commits £1m to mill museums ahead of possible National Trust takeover 09/08/2019


County Council offers support for up to two years. »more

Turner's 'Walton Bridges' is accessioned by Norwich Castle Museum 09/08/2019


First JMW Turner painting to enter a collection in the East of England. »more

‘Culture Is Digital’ progress 04/07/2019


Work towards a more digitally enhanced cultural sector includes a new National Gallery Innovation Lab considering robotics and neurobiology. »more

St Fagans becomes the first Welsh winner of Museum of the Year 04/07/2019


Art Fund praises a 'monument to modern museum democracy' »more

The Art of Innovation: BBC and Science Museum join forces 08/05/2019


An exhibition and Radio 4 series will explore 250 years of arts and science using museum objects and stories. »more

UK local authorities spend less on culture than ‘almost any country in Europe’ 08/05/2019


New data from the Budapest Observatory compares countries across Europe and finds former communist countries are investing the most. »more

Film shows Cornwall museums opening up the sector through new recruitment 08/05/2019


CMP offers a variety of ways into the sector including paid apprenticeships and internships. »more

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