New directors interviewed 5/5/2016

The Art Newspaper has interviewed the new Director of Tate Modern Frances Morris about how she plans to shape the gallery. Morris has been employed at Tate for 30 years but says she was previously too wrapped up in major projects to apply for the post of Director. She adds that for the Tate “the significant shift is towards a much more international picture…The collection was originally built according to a dominant art history which we are very familiar with, but the real story is a much bigger one, because that dominant story left out a lot of places and a lot of practices and a lot of women artists”. The new building will be ‘the story of now’ from the 1960s to the present, with the Tanks providing ‘live art roots’.  An experienced fundraiser, who has recruited 300 patrons, she looks forward to a greater engagement with corporate fundraising. She says ‘there are lots of processes that we are going to be doing for the first time’ encouraging her to be a ‘stay at home’ Director at least initially. The Art Newspaper (subscription only)

Also: the National Gallery's new Director, Gabriele Finaldi, gave an interview to the Guardian. He spoke about how the National Gallery can tell a story of European connections, what inspired him to become a curator and the challenges of acquiring works for the collection. Guardian