Changing approaches to history education 04/03/2013


A summary of proposed changes to GCSEs, following a decision not to proceed with the Ebacc »more

Loans from national museums 20/02/2013


NMDC has produced a briefing looking at the breadth and variety of loans made by national museums to museums, heritage organisations and venues across the UK. »more

Good curators at risk? – Collections Trust Manifesto for good curatorship 05/02/2013


With many curators retiring, the Collections Trust says that collection knowledge risks being lost with them. »more

Arts Council confirms it will pass on cuts to Major Partner Museums 05/02/2013


Three per cent cuts over two years for all larger funding agreements. »more

Where the wild things are: ten years of Kids in Museums 05/02/2013


What are the conclusions after a decade of work towards making museums more child friendly? »more

Exhibition Highlights 2013 05/02/2013


This list brings together the major exhibitions of NMDC members during 2013. »more

In our opinion 28/01/2013


Dr Michael Dixon, Chair of the NMDC and Director of the Natural History Museum, and Iain Watson, Director of Tyne and Wear Museums and Archives (and a member of the NMDC Executive), have written articles for M+H Advisor about capitalising on the opportunities of 2012 and facing the challenges of 2013. »more

NMDC welcomes copyright proposals 17/01/2013


NMDC has welcomed copyright proposals published by the Intellectual Property Office which could help museums ensure better public access to parts of their collections. »more

Sharing Evaluation: blog series published 03/01/2013


London Museums Group and Audiences UK, with assistance from NMDC, have published a series of blogs looking at the challenges and benefits of sharing evaluation and audience research. »more

Understanding what motivates the museum goer to give 07/11/2012


NMDC and the Art Fund have commissioned new research to understand why so few museum goers donate when visiting museums, and to discover what will motivate them to give in future. »more

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