From gallstones to MRI scanners: Science Museum opens its new Medicine galleries 3 Dec 2019

The Science Museum has opened ‘Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries’, after a £24m project to display 3,000 medical objects and artworks across five gallery spaces. It explores social responses to medicine – from religious deities to good luck amulets; attempts to better understand the human body through time and star objects in the history of medicine, including Edward Jenner’s lancets, the first stethoscope and an early 2.5 tonne MRI scanner. Immersive digital elements have been added to a Victorian pharmacy and interactive games include one which looks at how to treat a critically ill patient. There are also four specially commissioned artworks and film and audio of those with experience of the UK’s mental health services, as well as individuals affected by how medicine defines ‘normal’. Evening Standard, Science Museum, ALVA, Londonist