NLS plans to welcome families as part of five-year redevelopment 8 Jan 2020

The National Library of Scotland has discussed its evolving plans for major transformation over five years with the i paper. These include adding new exhibition and public space, welcoming families and creating a livelier ethos as well as continuing to act as ‘memory of the nation’ -  a place for academics, researchers and 31 million books. Chief Executive Dr John Scally said "we need to open the door much wider, to let people in, and accept that people coming into the library might not necessarily be coming in to read a medieval manuscript, or even a book. They might be coming in to look at an electronic book, they might be coming in to meet their friends, have a coffee, see an exhibition or meet their book group."  As well as creating five times the space open to the public, the Library’s five year strategy ‘Reaching People’ will address the pressing need for digitisation as material held in old forms such as VHS and Betamax are likely to disintegrate entirely over the next decade. Interested parties are encouraged to contribute to the consultation which continues to 27th January . i paper, NLS (draft strategy), Scottish Government (contribute to the consultation)