Early career museum professionals give a Manifesto for the Future of Museums 10/08/2014


Young professionals think ahead to the next decades of the sector, and the future they would like to see. »more

Working Internationally Regional Project launched in June 03/07/2014


ICOM-UK with ACE and NMDC are collaborating on a project to help local and regional museums work internationally. »more

Pay and display: new campaign to pay artists for exhibitions 04/06/2014

Paying Artists campaign attracts widespread sector support. »more

National Museum Wales embraces government’s anti-child-poverty agenda 04/06/2014


They publish an anti poverty resource pack with examples from across the cultural sector. »more

50p for culture campaign launched 10/04/2014


Local authorities urged to spend 50p per person per week on culture. »more

Why we give - UK giving culture dissected 01/04/2014


The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) has produced a new report, Why We Give, which explores responses to the question of what inspires 700 larger donors to give – people who give thousands each year to good causes. »more

Cultural announcements in the Budget 25/03/2014


Cultural Gifts Scheme, cathedrals, theatres and Magna Carta celebrations benefit from the 2014 Budget. »more

European #MuseumWeek launches on Twitter 22/03/2014

Tate Modern turbine hall

Museums across the UK are participating in a Europe wide social media promotion of museums and their work 24th - 30th March 2014 »more

Good programming and new innovations see rise in museum visitor figures 06/03/2014


The Beamish Museum, National Railway Museum and National Museum of Scotland all have a remarkable year - while the British Museum continues to lead the field. »more

Exhibition highlights from NMDC members 2014 06/02/2014


We have brought together a selection of the major exhibitions from our member museums for 2014 - covering everything from mammoths to Vikings, and suffragettes to WW1 commemorations. »more

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