2020 Working Internationally Conference: Soft Power in Turbulent Times 08/01/2020


This ICOM and NMDC conference looks at the intersect between international museum partnerships and soft power. »more

Marsupials to meteorites: NHM names 412 new species in the past year 08/01/2020


Museum describes how NHM work will contribute to supporting a more biodiverse future. »more

NLS plans to welcome families as part of five-year redevelopment 08/01/2020


The National Library of Scotland plans five times more public space and digitisation for formats like VHS before material decays. »more

Weston Loan Programme with Art Fund to run for three more years with £810k new funding 03/12/2019


The Art Fund and Garfield Weston Foundation have announced that they will extend their partnership to support museum loans for another three years, with the Foundation contributing a further £810k to the work. »more

From gallstones to MRI scanners: Science Museum opens its new Medicine galleries 03/12/2019


The Science Museum has opened ‘Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries’, after a £24m project to display 3,000 medical objects and artworks across five gallery spaces. »more

Art Fund and MA issue advocacy points ahead of the General Election 03/12/2019


Art Fund and Museums Association have each published a concise list of requests for the next Government to better support the museum sector. »more

Kilmartin's Prehistoric holdings become Scotland’s 50th Nationally Significant Collection 03/12/2019


Many of the objects in Kilmartin’s collections are from Neolithic and Bronze Age sites in the glen surrounding the museum and tell a story going back 12,000 years. »more

Government launches new £250m Cultural Investment Fund 06/11/2019


The sum includes £125m for major infrastructure and maintenance work at museums and libraries in England. »more

Annual visitor figures for DCMS sponsored museums show 11% growth outside London 06/11/2019


Museums directly funded by DCMS received 49.8m visits, a 5.5% increase on the previous year and the highest figure since records began 15 years ago. »more

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