Beyond London: Government launches Tourism Action Plan 09/09/2016


50% of overseas tourist spend is in London. The Government has launched a new scheme to encourage visitors to travel to other parts of the UK. »more

HLF launches £8m resilience funding 03/08/2016


Resilient Heritage grants will offer sums from £3k - £250k. »more

Collectors give to strong institutions which are likely to survive the centuries 03/08/2016


Museums Sheffield's new report finds that to attract philanthropists to the regions, institutions need to be well-supported and not vulnerable to government cuts. »more

The geography of the UK's creative industries 03/08/2016


Nesta identifies 47 'hotspots' and finds that creative industries are the fastest growing sector in nine out of ten metropolitan areas. »more

'The most spectacular interactive science gallery in the world’ 07/07/2016


Science Museum opens remarkable new interactive space in the autumn. »more

Kelvin Hall to reopen as multipurpose cultural space 07/07/2016


Groundbreaking space combines gyms, digital collections and museum storage as well as university research. »more

Statement from the DCMS on Brexit 07/07/2016


First comment from John Whittingdale and Ed Vaizey »more

Launch of the Cultural Protection Fund 06/06/2016


The British Council announces details of a new £30m fund. »more

EU referendum 06/06/2016


A round up of cultural opinion and letters to the press ahead of the 23rd June vote. »more

Peter Bazalgette on the ‘single biggest challenge for our sector’ 05/05/2016


ACE Chair describes the challenges facing local councils in funding culture, and the ingenuity of some new approaches. »more

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