Statement from the DCMS on Brexit 7/7/2016

Culture Secretary John Whittingdale has issued a brief statement to the cultural sector about the effects of leaving the EU. He argues that 'Britain's economy is fundamentally strong' and that the Bank of England will reassure financial markets. DCMS will work with all the sectors it represents to give them a voice as the UK prepares for exit negotiations. He added ‘we will continue to look outward and to work with our European neighbours’.  Culture Minister Ed Vaizey has also published a more informal statement to the cultural sector on his Facebook page.  He said that the arts are ‘naturally outward-looking, collaborative and internationalist’ and ‘need to be listened to as we debate the future of our country’.  He added that in private conversation, arts bodies recognise the importance of a ‘business as usual’ approach and that little will change in the immediate future., Facebook (Ed Vaizey), (David Cameron’s full statement)