Beyond London: Government launches Tourism Action Plan 9/9/2016

The Government has launched a new Tourism Action Plan to encourage more tourists to travel around the UK. Overseas visits were at their highest ever during 2015, bringing £22.1bn into the economy, but 50% this spend is in London because many visitors do not venture beyond the capital. The package includes:

  •  the £40 million Discover England fund to encourage projects and organisations in different geographical regions work in a more joined up way
  • five easy to book tourist rail itineraries to encourage seamless travel around the UK
  • flexible apprenticeship schemes taking place intermittently over 18 months instead of 12 consecutive months, to accommodate the seasonal nature of the tourist industry. Through Coastal Communities Fund there is a target of 6000 apprenticeships in seaside towns in particular.
  • modifying red tape so bed and breakfast owners can offer drinks to guests on arrival or pick them up from the station.

Culture Secretary Karen Bradley said, "I look forward to helping further strengthen tourism outside London to ensure that growth from the sector is enjoyed right across the whole country." (full action plan), (press release)