HLF launches £8m resilience funding 3/8/2016

The HLF has announced a new £8m annual fund to help cultural organisations become more resilient. Resilient Heritage grants will offer sums from £3k - £250k.  Examples of the sort of work that could be funded includes:

  • Acquiring new skills to increase fundraising capacity or open new income streams
  • Explore new leadership models or management structures
  • Becoming more environmentally friendly and making efficiency savings
  • Creating partnerships for training and asset building
  • Preparing groups to take on new responsibilities, for example taking over the running of a heritage site.

HLF has also launched a new self-assessment tool - the Resilient Heritage Strength Checker - to give organisations an initial idea of how well they are doing. There are no application deadlines, and applications will be assessed within eight weeks. HLF Chief Executive Ros Kerslake said: “Catalyst showed us there is an appetite from heritage organisations to adapt and grow in order to build a firm financial footing. Resilient Heritage brings together all that we have learnt”. HLF, HLF (Strength Checker)