Encouraging investment

Our museums and galleries deliver world-class public services which offer individuals and families free and inspiring places to visit and things to do but they are much more than that.  They attract audiences from home and abroad and stimulate the creativity and innovation that will help drive economic success.  At a time of economic difficulty and as the UK prepares to welcome even more international visitors, they are more important than ever.

Museums have reinvented themselves in recent years. Using public funding, they have generated substantial private investment to rebuild, remain relevant and become truly outstanding, On average, national museums earn almost half of their own income (45.6%). To continue to be economically sustainable, museums must adequately funded and intelligently supported.

NMDC members are keen to further understanding of the impact of museums, for the benefit and development of the sector as a whole and to inform policy makers and opinion formers.NMDC's current work in this area includes making the case for Government investment in museums, promoting measures to encourage more charitable giving to museums and working with government for less onorous and disruptive application of rules governing museums. 

Find out more about NMDC's work Promoting philanthropy and the role of our museums in Supporting learning.


The case for investment: Museums Matter

Museums Matter illustrates how public investment in museums of all sizes and scope enables them to contribute to eight key public policy priorities across the UK.

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Museums and tourism

Tourism directly contributed £68.4bn to the UK economy in 2016 and many of the UK's top visitor attractions are museums.

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Cultural capital

Cultural industries have been leading the way in Britain’s social and economic recovery. In 2010, leading cultural and heritage organisations joined together to launch their vision for the future.

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Museums and galleries in Britain: creative and social impacts

A report by Tony Travers, London School of Economics estimated that the economic benefit of the UK's major museums and galleries is worth £1.5 bn per annum.

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