Civilisations update 11/10/2017


More on how museums can participate in a major cultural festival in March next year. »more

Relevance 2017 07/10/2017


ICOM explores ‘are we trying hard enough? – making museums and historic houses relevant to audiences in the 21st century’ »more

Bazalgette supports ‘Creative Clusters’ beyond London in new report 06/10/2017


£80m competition has been launched to develop 'Creative Clusters' across the country. »more

Prime Minister signals UK will continue to participate in EU cultural programmes 06/10/2017


UK wishes to remain part of programmes promoting 'science, education and culture'. »more

Paisley Museum to regenerate after major investment by local council and HLF 06/10/2017


Local council invests £24.1m in its museum. »more

Northern pioneers: TWAM receives funding to support Great Exhibition events 06/10/2017


HLF gives £813k to transform the Great North Museum Hancock. »more

Regional Museums and Galleries fund offers £500k 07/09/2017


Individual grants up to £85k are available to support projects which advance curatorial skills at a time of change. »more

Government announces £15m Northern Cultural Regeneration Fund 07/09/2017


The government is creating a £15m fund for cultural, digital and infrastructure regeneration of cities in the North. »more

Archive dreaming and painting robots: seeking sector responses to CultureIsDigital 04/08/2017


Museums and their digital contacts urged to contribute to the government consultation »more

Call for museums to get involved in BBC ‘Civilisations’ Festival 04/08/2017


Museum festival to run alongside landmark TV series. »more

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