Civilisations update 7/9/2017

Last month we described how the BBC is partnering with museums, galleries and libraries across the country on a major festival linked to its programme Civilisations, which will tell the history of the world and update Kenneth Clark’s iconic series of half a century ago. We will be providing regular updates on opportunities for museums until the launch next March. Museums should note that:

  • The festival is aimed largely at a 16+ audience, and organisers hope to engage audiences in some of the more difficult questions about civilisation, identity, change and loss.
  • Although the BBC series will focus on the visual arts and architecture, museums are encouraged to also consider objects from other types of collections that stretch the definition of art – anything from steam engines to pin badges which can tell a story of ‘civilisations’ will fit the festival themes.
  • Museums are already beginning to register events to be associated with the festival. The BBC encourages venues to add event plans to Museum Crush as soon as possible, as it will be using this data to choose events for further programming, radio shows and outside broadcast.
  • Local BBC radio stations will also be seeking to cover nearby museums with events and stories to tell: however, radio stations operate in a fairly short timeframe, and will probably do the majority of their planning in the six weeks before 2nd March.
  • Civilisations branding materials will be available from the BBC in September.  
  • Although contact points will become more complex and local as preparations for the festival progress, all interested museums are encouraged to sign up initially at [email protected]

The festival will include a major digital component as well as live events. The BBC’s Research and Development department is offering museums an opportunity to use innovative, newly developed tools, either on the BBC’s own ‘Taster’ platform or on organisations’ own websites. An augmented reality app, 360° video tools and low cost live video broadcasting. Four workshops to demonstrate the possibilities of using these digital tools are taking place during September in England:

  • London: 11th September
  • Birmingham: 18th September
  • Bristol: 21st September
  • York: 25th September

Dates for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are also being prepared. To express an interest in attending send an email to [email protected] with ‘Digital’ in the title. NMDC (festival overview), BBC digital Taster platform  Museum Crush