Spolation update February 06

UK museums publish latest provenance research for the World War II period

Museums and galleries throughout the UK are publishing a further update on their research into the provenance of works in national and regional collections covering the period 1933-45.
Summary of research updates at February 2006.

The museums are asking the public to come forward if they have any information about the provenance of specific works, the whereabouts of which, for all or part of the war period, is uncertain. The research aims to discover if any works have been wrongfully taken.

Members of the public and potential claimants who have any information about the provenance of the works listed, or any other works in national and regional collections, should write to or e-mail the contact named on the website for the relevant institution with details of their enquiry. For any general enquiries about the report, please contact: National Museum Directors’ Conference Office on 020 7416 5202; Fax 020 7415 5485.