Three new research reports highlight educational, social and economic impact of the national museums

9 March 2004

NMDC has today published three new research reports that highlight the extraordinary cultural, educational, social and economic impact of the national museums, libraries and archives.

National Museums and Galleries: The Impacts and the Needs - A Summary of Findings

This document highlights the key findings from the three reports and sets out the funding needs of the national museums.  Download the summary document


Valuing Museums coverWritten by Tony Travers of LSE and Stephen Glaister of Imperial College, this report details the economic, educational and broader cultural impact of the national museums and galleries. Set out against the context of the wider objectives of these institutions, government policy and funding requirements, the report finds a sector which has unique international scale and standing and that, with an annual impact of £2bn, is significant economically.

Beyond this, the extent of the contributions these institutions make to the cross-Whitehall agendas of education, social inclusion and the regions are highlighted, while the report acknowledges that, without additional investment in their infrastructures, national museums and galleries cannot sustain these levels of activity.
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This report, written by Ricky Burdett of the LSE Cities Programme, demonstrates the extent, variety and often-surprising nature of the roles undertaken by national museums and galleries. Largely based on case studies, it illustrates how these institutions engage in a huge range of innovative activities with different communities across the UK, from business and science to youth and fashion. In doing so, the report highlights the ability of museums and galleries to inspire and empower individuals and groups, to create social capital and networks that, in turn, stimulate dialogue.

Again, set against a background of Government's policy objectives the report demonstrates just how significantly museums and galleries contribute to these.
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NATIONAL DIMENSIONSNational Dimensions cover image

National Dimensions, written by AEA Consulting, examines the many forms of collaboration between national museums and the rest of the sector, noting just how much joint activity is underway at any one time. Produced following a series of consultation days around the country, the report looks at different types of collaborations, from one-off projects to long-term strategic partnerships, and includes a wealth of case studies covering all major areas of museum activity.

Looking ahead, the report acknowledges the need to continue to develop genuinely nationwide access to the national collections and sets out a series of proposals aimed at ensuring this, thereby supporting cultural provision, the advancement of learning and social and economic regeneration across the nation.
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