NMDC Response to COVID-19

Museums are a treasured part of the public realm, holding world class collections and inspiring millions of people of all ages.  They are loved at home and by international audiences too.

The Prime Minister’s announcement yesterday has serious implications for access to the collections in the immediate future. The Government’s decisions are based on the scientific evidence and together we appreciate the role we all need to play in protecting our audiences and the thousands of people who work in the museum sector.

This week many UK museums of all kinds - be they national, regional, independent or university museums - will be closing their doors to the public, a decision that is not taken lightly, but one that is practical for the time being.  DCMS and NMDC will be staying in constant engagement about the many financial implications both now and in the coming months. We both want to ensure that they can be a vibrant player in the future of our country’s culture and prosperity.

Decisions about eventual reopening will be made in accordance with the latest scientific guidance.

In the meantime, our great museums have extensive collections available online that we hope the public will enjoy and take comfort in while these extraordinary circumstances play out.