NMDC response to the European Commission Green Paper on ‘Copyright in the Knowledge Economy’

NMDC has responded to the European Commission Green Paper on Copyright and the Knowledge Economy, which is seeking views about the possible extension to the copyright exceptions across Europe. The NMDC response was informed by papers and advice from members and the Museums Copyright Group and the Collections Trust.

Issues which NMDC urges the EC to consider include:here

  • supporting sensible teaching and research exceptions within copyright legislation to increase access to museum collections
  • helping museums to contribute fully to EC funded initiatives and to preserve Europe’s digital culture and research for prosperity by adopting a harmonised approach
  • ensuring that exceptions are easy to understand, media and technology-neutral and fit for purpose in the digital age
  • enshrining the copyright legislations within national laws
  • ensuring legislative certainty across the EU regarding works for which the rights holders cannot be traced or are unknown to unlock access to vast quantities of academically and culturally valuable works.

To read the full NMDC response click here.

More information about the consultation and the full MCG and Collections Trust responses can be found here.