VisitBritain reports record tourist numbers 5 Feb 2015

VisitBritain has released figures for international tourist visits to the UK for the first nine months of 2014.  They show that foreign tourists are now more likely to visit the country beyond the capital.  Findings include:

  •     There were new record spends in Wales (£303m), Scotland (£1.5bn), London (£8.9bn), East of England (£693m), North West (£849m) and the South East (£1.7bn).
  •    There was a greater percentage increase in overseas tourism to Wales (14%), Scotland (12%) and Yorkshire (12%) than to London (6%).  Football and cycling events as well as President Obama’s visit to Newport may have been partly responsible.
  •     Tourist spend from Chinese visitors is up 68%, with significant growth from Sweden, the USA, Australia and Germany.
  • Tourist spend in London at £8.9bn is equal to the highest figure on record.

VisitBritain is poised to launch a £3m campaign encouraging more tourists to visit the UK countryside.  They are predicting 4.5% growth in tourism in 2015, generating more than £22bn.  Anniversaries from the Magna Carta and the Battle of Waterloo, to 125 years since the birth of Agatha Christie, will be highlighted in marketing. VisitBritain (2014 figures), VisitBritain (2015 predictions), Welsh government. VisitBritain (2014 figures), VisitBritain (2015 predictions), Welsh government