Reboot Cornwall: museums reopen with AR programme, recreating 19th century port and prison 2 Jun 2021

Museums across Cornwall have reopened with a new programme featuring AI, machine learning and immersive technologies embedded into traditional exhibitions or outdoor walks, modelling the future for museum programming. Brought together in the ‘Reboot Cornwall’ programme, led by Cornwall Museums Partnership, there are a dozen options, including a walking app for the Isles of Scilly Museum, which connects visitors to shipwreck history as they walk along the coastline, from rescues to slave-trading. As part of a £40m redevelopment of Bodmin Jail, there is a ‘Dark Walk’ state-of-the-art augmented reality experience, exploring penal life in the Victorian period. VR technology transforms the beach outside St Agnes Museum from a pile of rocks into the thriving port with goods, sailors and locals as it was at the height of its involvement in mining.  There is commitment to developing this strand across Cornwall: a recent survey shows that 79% of Cornish museums are looking at how technology can futureproof their offering, and 89% said the pandemic has increased the need to innovate. CMP’s CEO Emmie Kell says "attitudes around heritage, new technology and the role of museums as important hubs in their local communities are evolving very rapidly in Cornwall and it's exciting to see our museums leading the way for both innovation and greater inclusivity.” CMP (Reboot Cornwall), CMP (Coastal Timetripping launch film), Museums Journal