Prime Minister signals UK will continue to participate in EU cultural programmes 6/10/2017

In a recent speech on Brexit in Florence, Prime Minister Theresa May indicated that the UK will wish to remain part of EU-wide “specific policies and programmes which are greatly to the UK and the EU’s joint advantage, such as those that promote science, education and culture”, implying that the UK will try to remain part of such schemes as Erasmus. However, a Downing Street spokesperson told Arts Professional that it is too soon for detail, and there will be more clarity only after negotiations are over. The Creative Industries Federation welcomed the ‘shift in tone towards one of collegiate partnership’ but said that the UK is ‘already leaking creative talent’ and that the government would need to move quickly to offer security. Elswhere Kamfpner added that restrictive rules would probably not affect celebrities, but would deter people earlier in their careers: “people don’t want to work in a country where they are merely tolerated. The issue is the seed corn.”  Arts Professional, CIF, The Art Newspaper,