NMDC welcomes copyright proposals 5 Apr 2012

NMDC has submitted a detailed response to the Intellectual Property Office’s consultation on copyright. Outlining some of the challenges facing museums, libraries and archives in relation to copyright, the submission welcomes proposals to enable museums and galleries to more easily use orphan works - items with unknown copyright owners - and permit copying for preservation purposes. 

NMDC is also keen to see the educational exception extended to public museums and galleries, and for the copyright exemption for research and private study to include sound recordings, film and broadcast material.  NMDC also welcomes the proposals to ensure parity between copyright and contract law. NMDC's response was developed with the Museums IP Network and is counter-signed by the Museums Association, the University Museums Group and the Association of Independent Museums. 

More about NMDC's work on Intellectual Property policy. 

Meanwhile, the All Party Intellectual Property Group has announced its inquiry on 'The Role of Government in Protecting and Promoting Intellectual Property'. NMDC also submitted a short response to this inquiry.  All Party Intellectual Property Group