NMDC responds to proposals for a new History Curriculum 16 Apr 2013

NMDC has responded to the Department for Education's proposals for a new History Curriculum as part of the review of the National Curriculum for Key Stages 1 - 3. The National Curriculum applies to state schools in England.

The NMDC welcomes the proposed Purpose of Study and many of the Aims of the History curriculum. By developing skills of historical enquiry, being able to view history from different perspectives, studying local and global history, children understand Britain’s past, our place in the world and the challenges of our time. However, NMDC has serious concerns that the proposed Subject Content will not deliver these laudable ambitions because the detailed chronological approach across two Key Stages, removing Modern British History (post-1750) content from the Key Stage 2 (KS2) curriculum, will mean pupils have neither the time to develop historical skills nor study age appropriate content that will inspire an interest and understanding of History. The curriculum may also not deliver the desired global perspective and could be seen as somewhat Anglocentric. There will not be the time for teachers to arrange visits to museums and use museum resources, and the content of the KS2 curriculum does not include topics for which there is the same wealth of resources in museums across England, and therefore there is a serious risk that children will therefore be denied access to these inspirational and enriching experiences.

Read NMDC's full response here.