NMDC publishes new guide ‘Principles for Lending and Borrowing’ 6 Jul 2021

NMDC has published new ‘Principles for Lending and Borrowing’, to encourage the growth of lending between museums, and help them gain the benefits of reaching wider audiences and generating opportunities for new research and interpretation. The new guidance is based upon roundtable events that took place in 2019; as museums emerge from lockdown with reduced resources, NMDC believes it is even more important that lending is encouraged. NMDC members commit in the report to ‘lending unless there is a compelling reason not to’. The Principles are accompanied by a Guide to Borrowing, which gives a practical overview of the lending and borrowing process. This work updates practical guidelines last issued in 2003, and responds to more recent reports such as the Mendoza review, which called for national museums to provide a more supportive environment for lending and borrowing in the UK. NMDC