NMDC highlights the unique role of museums 6/1/2010

Museums provide knowledge and inspiration, while also connecting communities.  At a time of economic recovery, and in the run-up to the Olympics, they are more important than ever. Museums and galleries deliver world-class public services which offer individuals and families free and inspiring places to visit and things to do.  Museums attract audiences from home and abroad.  They build confidence in Britain and stimulate the creativity and innovation that will help drive economic success.  Museums provide the places and resources to which people turn for information and learning.  They care for the legacy of the past while creating a legacy for the future.

These are the key messages from Museums Deliver, NMDC’s new publication demonstrating the wide-ranging social and economic importance of museums in the UK.  The report describes the activities of our museums and their unique role in society from the global stage to the local high-street.  It is packed with evidence and case-studies, and with museum facts and figures, including:

  • In 2008, museums attendance in the UK increased at over three times the national average for visitor attractions;
  • More than two thirds of children aged 5–11 visited a museum outside of school last year;
  • For every pound invested in culture, a further £3.50 is generated;
  • Using minimal public resources – just 0.08% of total government spending in 2007/2008 – museums leverage additional funding and produce a world class public offer.
  • In 2007/08, national museums virtually doubled total government funding through self-generated income, raising 46% of their own income.

Read more and download the report here.