NMDC Budget 2009 Response 6/5/2009

DCMS funded museums will have their budgets cut by 0.5% in 2010-11, as part of DCMS’s contribution to the £5bn value for money savings announced in the Budget.

DCMS’s budget for 2010-11 has been cut by £20m, just under the cross-government average of 1.5%.  £5m of the cut will come from savings within the Department.  In allocating the budget cuts, the Culture Secretary has said that he aims to protect the delivery of front-line services; focus on genuine efficiencies, taking into account where savings have already been made; and, where appropriate, identify funds that have not yet been allocated.

In a statement, NMDC Chair Michael Dixon said: 

“At a time of recession and three years out from the Olympics, museums are not a luxury. They give people affordable, inspiring and uplifting things to do and places to go with their families. Museums attract audiences from home and abroad - creating faith in Britain and in the future.  Museums are reliant on both private as well as public funding, so they are already feeling the impact of recession. We hope the Government continue to do their best to protect the front-line of museums, and their audiences, from the full effect of budget cuts.” 

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