Book now: Climate Conference

Book now: Climate Conference
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  Book now: Climate Conference
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  Museums and Galleries responding to the Climate and Ecological Crisis Conference  
The whitworth gallery overlooking gardens
The Whitworth, University of Manchester 
hosted by NMDC and the Whitworth – 7th/8th March 2022
Following COP26 and the release of NMDC’s report ‘Green Museums: Tackling the Climate Crisis’, NMDC is convening a conference hosted at the Whitworth, University of Manchester, to explore the role of museums and galleries in combatting the climate and ecological crisis.
Museums and galleries have a unique perspective as institutions that take a long-term view with their mission to preserve collections and stories for the future. But how can they do so with the existential threat of the climate crisis? How can museums combat climate change and biodiversity loss? The conference will provide a forum to consider two key questions:
  • What can museums do to reduce their environmental impact?
  • How can museums inspire positive action?
Speakers will include:
  • Zehra Ahmed & Jenny Newell, Australian Museum: Taking Action on Climate Change & Sustainability at the Australian Museum
  • Richard Piacentini, Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh: Cultivating Climate Leadership: Evolving an Institution to Address Climate Change and Helping Others to Do the Same
  • Professor Carly McLachlan, Prof of Climate and Energy Policy, Director of Tyndall Manchester
  • Heath Lowndes: Galleries Climate Coalition
  • Henry McGhie: Climate Action is Not Just for COP
Panel discussions will focus on:
  • The Road to Net Zero
  • Mitigation, Adaptation and Resilience
  • Engaging the Public as Active Citizens
  • Next Steps in Climate Leadership
Contributors will include the Natural History Museum, the Design Museum, Opera North, the Horniman Museum and Gardens, Climate Museum UK, Manchester Museum, Manchester Arts Sustainability Team and York Museums Trust
There will be an opportunity to share your experiences and build relationships and networks.
The conference will be at the Whitworth, Manchester, on 7th and 8th March. There will be a small charge of £35 to cover the costs of catering with a limited number of discounted tickets available for freelancers, volunteers and smaller organisations and some free tickets available for students.
Further details on schedule and a link to buy tickets below:
Nick Merriman, Chief Executive of the Horniman Museum and Gardens, Chair of the NMDC Environment and Ecology Working Group: ‘For the last two years we have mostly been discussing these issues remotely. We now have the opportunity finally to meet in person and develop that vital informal exchange and networking that comes with a face-to-face conference’
Esme Ward, Director of Manchester Museum: ‘Museums and galleries have become increasingly aware of the role they have to play in tackling the climate emergency, and this conference is critical in developing a sector that supports ecological thinking and action. It is an opportunity for us to come together as one to rethink how we care and inspire support for our world, its inhabitants and future generations. I couldn’t think of more fitting place to discuss these issues than at the Whitworth, our gallery in the park.’
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Download a PDF version for printing