New £7m Youth Accelerator Fund supports Kicking the Dust and other cultural projects 6 Feb 2020

DCMS has announced a new £7m Youth Accelerator Fund to address urgent needs in the youth sector. NLHF will receive an additional £1.27m from the fund to support its Kicking the Dust strand which gives young people aged 11 - 25 more power to shape cultural policy and projects. NLHF will also be sharing findings from the first two years of the project throughout 2020. Quoting the comment of one young participant ‘if it’s always the same people in the room, you will always get the same ideas’, it recommends more opportunities for young people in heritage, including a chance to co-manage, partnerships with youth organisations, greater diversity and changing attitudes among culture professionals. Other recipients of youth accelerator funds include ACE, which receives £500k for music projects and UK Youth, a group of youth clubs which will run a £1.15m small grants programme to deliver new sessions in youth group settings. NLHF (blog on two years of Kicking the Dust), NLHF (new youth funding),