National Gallery X project seeks to close the ‘values gap’ and encourage climate action in the home 3 Mar 2022

National Gallery X, a collaboration between the National Gallery and King’s College London has announced the creatives for its new Home-Zero project, which will encourage the public to think about the link between household emissions and climate change. Supported by Nesta, as part of its plan to ‘significantly reduce carbon emissions by 2030’, the work will aim to close the ‘values gap’ which currently means that while 85% of the public think climate is one of the most important issues to address, only 35% have adopted energy efficiency measures. Musician Love Ssega will work with the Shadwell Ensemble to create an immersive musical piece on sustainable social housing for the gallery. He said “we have to tackle both climate change and generation rent, and that can only best be done by bringing diverse voices into the conversation. The National Gallery is such a beautiful setting so I’m excited to share this experience with as many young people of colour and from marginalised backgrounds as possible.” Meanwhile Makers of Imaginary Worlds, a Nottingham based installation studio and performing arts company will focus on choices families can make in their homes. King’s College London