Ipsos MORI Veracity Index: museum curators among the most trusted professionals 10 Jan 2022

  • 86% of the public say they trust museum curators – the same level of trust as teachers, and just behind nurses (the most trusted at 94%), librarians (93%) and doctors (91%).
  • ‘Politicians generally’ and ‘Government ministers’ were near the bottom of the list of 30 professions at 19% – only advertising executives are less trusted at 16%. Trust in police has also fallen eight points to 63%.
  • There is little difference in the level of trust in museum curators by gender or political party, but they are more likely to be trusted by those with degree (93%) than those with no qualifications (76%). This gap is to be found across nearly all professions in the poll – only bankers are more trusted by people with no qualifications (50%) than degree holders (35%).

Ipsos MORI, Museums Journal