Headley Fellowships offer curators significant time off for research 3/8/2018

A new programme, the Headley Fellowships with Art Fund, is offering the opportunity for curators to take time off from their days jobs to carry out in depth collections research. The £600k fund will allow curators to either take six months off full time or a year off part time, and will pay for temporary staff to fill their post. The Art Fund is seeking projects that will:

  • Result in a significant public outcome for the museum.
  • Involve research into a part of the collections that a museum may not have the specialist expertise to use effectively.
  • Develop the curator’s knowledge and expertise, and spread the learning across the sector.

Potential fellows should be nominated by their museum, and will be budgeted for at a fixed rate of £19,250 for 0.5FTE. The deadline for applications is 15th October. M + H, Art Fund