Derby Museums among those sharing £7.1m from ACE for Leadership development 10/9/2019

Derby Museums is among 18 projects sharing £7.1m in the first round of ACE’s Leadership Development Fund. It will receive £468k for its UK Creative Community Fellows programme, which will help develop a cross-sectoral group of arts leaders, working in the intersect between arts, culture and community development. It draws on approaches developed in the US and has two US-based partners: University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Social Impact Strategy and National Arts Strategies, as well as support from the UK branch of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Other grant recipients include Coventry City Culture Trust, which will develop new leaders as a part of Coventry’s year as City of Culture; the Jerwood Transforming Leadership Programme, aimed at developing leaders who come from lower socio-economic backgrounds; a ‘New Horizons’ Clore Leadership programme open to sole traders, entrepreneurs and early career practitioners among others; plus three projects to promote leadership among deaf, disabled and learning disabled people. Hannah Fox of Derby Museums said "we're delighted to be partnering to develop a diverse, skilled and well-connected cohort of arts and culture leaders, highlighting and supporting the work of individuals who may not be in formal positions of authority to shift the status quo in their communities. Fellows will learn connect across sectors, deepen connections with their communities and more effectively design, implement and evaluate their transformative projects." ACE (press release), Derby Museums