DCMS publishes its first statement of ‘Areas of Research Interest’ 7/6/2018

DCMS has published its first document outlining its Areas of Research Interest (ARI) – the topics where it needs to understand more to deliver on its mission. The topics include:  

  • A specific section seeking research into the effects of the cultural sector, in particular the social and economic impact of heritage on local areas, further analysis of the diversity of the museum sector, drivers for museum visits and engagement as well as wellbeing, soft power, international tourism and the wider impacts of culture on topics such as criminal justice.
  • The opportunities and risks from the digital revolution – from chances to grow the economy to the risks of fake news and terrorism.
  • Connectivity and productivity issues, for instance around 5G networks.
  • Enabling people to thrive, particularly looking at longitudinal studies to address issues from obesity to community participation.
  • Evidence for policy that will enhance people’s sense of place including housing, regional growth and social cohesion.

DCMS will continue to update its list and welcomes discussions with researchers. It has also recently appointed a Chief Scientific Adviser to increase engagement with UKRI, research councils and academic institutions. The Chief Scientific Adviser’s office can be contacted at [email protected] . However, cultural sector specialists have suggested that much of the information DCMS seeks may already exist. Freelance researcher and CultureCase editor James Doeser told Museums Journal “Some of these things have driven research commissions for years and years… Either they have not been asking the right questions or forgetting the answers they once had.” Gov.uk, Museums Journal, Arts Professional