Call to take part in the Great Exhibition of the North 8/4/2017

The organisers of the Great Exhibition of the North have put out a call for people with ‘creative vision’ to respond to the brief for the exhibition and come up with proposals for potential commission. These include ‘performers, visual artists, architects, musicians, scientists, engineers, inventors, writers, creatives, thinkers, designers and digital makers’. There are three possible structures for the commissions:

  • Maps have been created of routes through Newcastle-Gateshead with venues marked which will be platforms for work. Proposals can suggest content for one of these venues.
  • Standalone digital ideas which link with the themes of the exhibition and can be experienced nationally and internationally.
  • Ideas to animate journeys taken on the transport system as exhibition goers travel around the city.

Funding between £5k - £50k is available for each project. The closing date for applications is noon on 22nd May; successful applicants will hear by August. Newcastle Gateshead Initiative