Boris Johnson launches UK Year of Climate Action at the Science Museum 6 Feb 2020

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has launched the UK Year of Climate Action in an event at the Science Museum, alongside Sir David Attenborough and Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte. The Year will draw together government, business, civil society groups and cultural institutions to address the issue. The Science Museum also announced its own significant programme this year, including:

  • The first exhibition on climate capture and storage, discussing everything from nature-based solutions such as preserving peat bogs, to mechanical approaches.
  • Manchester Science Festival, produced by the Science and Industry Museum in October, will explore how we should approach to climate through the lenses of cities, the natural world and ourselves.
  • A series of conferences taking place this Spring to explore the theory and practice of sustainable curating.

All of these events complement the UK’s role as host of the UN’s 26th Climate Change Conference in Glasgow this November. Johnson said "let’s make this year the moment where we come to together with the courage and the technological ambition to solve man-made climate change and to choose a cleaner and greener future for all our children and grandchildren." SMG Director Sir Ian Blatchford said “there is no more pressing issue facing the world, and the five museums in the Science Museum Group are uniquely placed to engage a huge audience around the science of climate change, and the technological challenges and solutions around the crucial energy and food transitions we need to achieve. Our visitors are the engaged citizens and scientists of now and tomorrow.” SMG, The Ecologist, Year of Climate Action