Bob and Roberta Smith Loves Museums 8/10/2015

In a blog for the Art Fund the artist Bob and Roberta Smith writes about how museums can forge connections between generations, and pledges his support for the I Love Museums campaign. Bob describes the impact museums have had on his own life, from a first inspirational visit to the National Railway Museum as a child, to encouraging a love of museums in his own son Fergal so that he will “see that through the art of the past you can fall in love with artists and makers across many generations”.

Bob says: “Museums more than ever seek to shape and inform our imaginations and show us not just how wonderful and inventive we are, but ask us to be all we can be. Free admission and the sense that our public collections are ours, and that culture is a fluid thing all of us can contribute to, are things we must defend. Please support the I Love Museums effort.”  The Art Fund