Birmingham Museums Trust faces 24% cut 6/1/2017

Birmingham Museums Trust is facing a £750k cut in 2017/18, a reduction of 24% to its budget. The Trust had anticipated a decrease of £250k as Birmingham Council copes with ongoing significant cuts. Director Ellen McAdam said, “we were expecting and planning for a reduction in funding and we hope to work with the council to minimise this.We recognise that this is a very difficult time for Birmingham City Council. However, Birmingham Museums Trust is one of the city’s success stories, with visitor numbers and earned income growing strongly. We believe that it is vital that Birmingham’s great museums and collection should continue to receive the investment they need so that we can build on this achievement.” The Trust has launched a petition so the members of the public can express support for its work and call for a reduction to the cut. In its message to the public, the Trust said it risked ‘substantial reduction in public access’ to some museums, fewer learning activities, and reduced capacity to work deliver projects alone or in partnership. It added that each visit to a museum in Birmingham is worth £30 to local businesses, overall generating £30m for the city’s annual economy.  Birmingham City Council has had £519m cut from its budget since 2010 and needs to reduce spending by £50.6 million in 2017/18. Other cultural bodies in the city are facing an even more severe reduction, including 62% less for Birmingham Rep. Council leader John Clancy said that the level of necessary cuts was 'unprecedented' and that 'every conceivable saving has been on the table.' The Council’s consultation on the budget lasts until 18th January.  Birmingham Museums Trust, Museums Journal, Arts Professional