All hands on deck: transforming volunteering in museums 6/1/2017

Volunteering is changing, and more young people are getting involved, but increasingly they need the work to be rewarding as well as useful. A new app, Volunteer Makers, is being launched in London this month to transform museum volunteering. The app tracks skills and interests, offers gamification and a list of ‘challenge’ activity. The work is the result of a transformational pilot project at Wardown Park Museum in Luton, which increased volunteers from 40 to over 1000, and built wider links with local businesses and the community. Arts Council England’s Director of Museums, John Orna-Ornstein, said, “the app… not only makes it easier for people to find out how they can help, but addresses their interests or availability so that everybody wins. It’s volunteering for the modern world.” There is a free launch event at the Museum of London from 2pm on 12th January. Volunteer Makers, ACE, Volunteer Makers (MoL event)