ACE publishes a guide to No Deal Brexit for cultural organisations 5 Feb 2019

ACE has published a seven-page summary document, drawing together Government advice in the event of a No Deal Brexit that is most likely to be of relevance to cultural organisations. ACE will continuously update the document if new aspects emerge. Guidance includes:  

  • Information for organisations which successfully bid into EU programmes such as Creative Europe and Horizon 2020 before the end of 2020. These will need to fill in a form to take up the UK Government’s funding guarantee, which will underwrite EU funds if/when they are withdrawn.
  • Information on freedom of movement, immigration and citizens’ rights, including the registration scheme for EU nationals, which is now without a charge, with a deadline of 30th June 2021.
  • Guidance about travelling abroad, particularly for those travelling to Europe with a UK passport.
  • Movement of goods across customs and borders, including the advice that there could be reduced access across the straits at Dover and Folkestone for up to six months post-Brexit. There is also specific advice on fine art transportation.
  • There are also technical notices on copyright, intellectual property and data protection, which may also be affected in the short or long term.

  ACE’s Laura Dyer said “it is important arts and cultural organisations are prepared for the possibility of a no deal scenario. I hope [the guide] will help organisations decide what actions to take in preparation.Arts Industry, ACE, (EU funded programmes), M + H