Museums, Libraries and Archives Council to be abolished 4 Aug 2010

NMDC statement on the abolition of the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA):

NMDC understands the need for DCMS, like all government departments, to cut costs and welcomes DCMS’s commitment to focus efforts on maintaining essential front-line services in the museums, libraries and archives sector.   

Our key concern is that the vital functions carried out by the MLA – most notably Renaissance in the Regions, as well as programmes such as Acceptance in Lieu and the Government Indemnity Scheme – are retained and adequately administered. 

NMDC is committed to ensuring that museums remain high on the DCMS agenda.  We will be keeping in close contact with DCMS and museum sector colleagues as decisions on the future management of MLA’s programming and strategic functions are made.

Read more about the abolition of the MLA in the August edition of the NMDC newsletter.