2020 Working Internationally Conference: Soft Power in Turbulent Times 8 Jan 2020

In 2019, the UK lost its top spot in the Soft Power Index, with the authors of the report pointing to Brexit and internal turbulence as relevant factors, but also highlighting its reputation for ‘engagement, culture, education, and digital’ as continuing strengths. As Brexit continues to unfold, the 2020 Working Internationally conference will look at the role museums and galleries can play in supporting the UK’s soft power. Speakers include Dr Natalia Grincheva, Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne and author of ‘Global Trends in Museum Diplomacy and Museum Diplomacy in the Digital Age’, Nick Marchand, Head of International, V&A and Terry Simiote an assistant curator at the Livingstone Museum, Zambia. Topics will include digital soft power, changes over the next decade and how soft power relates to restitution and decolonisation. Tickets are £79 or £49 for NMDC and ICOM UK members. The event takes place at Leeds Art Gallery on 12th March. ICOM