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Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Royal Pavilion and Museum Trust

The Chair will ensure that the organisation complies with its governing document, charity law, company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations and to make sure that the organisation pursues its objects as defined in its governing document. The Chair will ensure that the new contract with BHCC for delivery of museum services is effectively managed. The Chair will play a key role in representing and promoting the RPMT and raising the profile of the new trust. The Chair's role is also to monitor, support and oversee and, where appropriate, challenge the Executive Director and ensure that the Board functions as a unit and works closely with the Executive Director to achieve agreed objectives. He or she will work in partnership with the Trustees and Executive Director to support the Trust’s employees, optimising the relationship between the board of Trustees and the staff.

Principal Responsibilities:
•Strategic leadership
•Provide leadership to the Trust and its Board, ensuring that the Trust fulfils its vision and objectives •Ensure that Trustees fulfil their duties and responsibilities for the effective governance of the Trust
•Ensure that the Board regularly reviews major risks and associated opportunities, and responds accordingly
•Ensure that the Board fulfils its duties to ensure sound financial health of the charity, with systems in place to ensure financial accountability
•Develop the fundraising capability of the Trust Governance
•Encourage positive change and innovation
•Ensure that the governance arrangements are working in the most effective way for the Trust
•Encourage the development of the Board of Trustees
•Ensure that succession plans for Chair, the Board of Trustees and the .Executive Director are in place; that the Board is regularly refreshed and incorporates the right balance of skills, knowledge and experience needed to govern and lead the Trust effectively; and also reflects the wider population
•Work within any agreed policies adopted by the Trust External Relations
•Act as an ambassador for the RPM and the Trust•Support productive relationships with key stakeholders including BHCC, Arts Council England, the trade unions, staff, and the community panel and other influencers
•Develop and guide new partnerships•Represent the Trust at external meetings and events
•Facilitate change and address any potential conflict with external and internal stakeholders •Recognise the Trust’s role within the city, and support collaborative working with its citizens and other communities of interest
Efficiency and Effectiveness
•Chair meetings of the Board of Trustees effectively and efficiently, bringing impartiality and objectivity to the decision-making process
•Ensure that Trustees are fully engaged and that decisions are taken in the best, long-term interests of the Trust and that the Board takes collective ownership
•Foster, maintain and ensure that constructive relationships exist with and between the Trustees •Work closely with the Executive Director and other staff to give direction to Board policy-making and to ensure that meetings are well planned, meaningful and reflect the responsibilities of trustees
•Monitor that decisions taken at meetings are implemented

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