Watch by Livestream: Museums and Galleries responding to the Climate and Ecological Crisis Conferenc 3 Mar 2022

We are pleased to announce that NMDC’s sold-out conference ‘Museums and Galleries responding to the Climate and Ecological Crisis’ will now be available to watch as a livestream. Hosted at Whitworth Manchester, it will ask how museums and galleries can fulfil their long-term mission to preserve collections and stories for the future in the face of an existential threat, and seeks to answer two questions: ‘What can museums do to reduce their environmental impact?’ and ‘How can museums inspire positive action?’. Speakers include Zehra Ahmed & Jenny Newell of the Australian Museum – which has one of the most advanced sustainability action plans among museums, Professor Carly McLachlan of Tyndall Manchester and Heath Lowndes of Galleries Climate Coalition. Speakers from several museums including NHM, Horniman, Climate Museum, Manchester Museum, Design Museum and York Museums Trust will also take part, alongside Opera North. The social media hashtag is #GreenConf. The event takes place on 7th and 8th March, and the livestream is free. NMDC, NMDC (Green Museums report), LIVESTREAM (Whitworth YouTube channel)