Statements from the sector on Covid 19 7 Apr 2020

Joint statement by museum and heritage bodies on Covid 19

Following the closure of all museums and staffed heritage sites in the wake of Covid-19, NMDC, AIM, MA, the Heritage Alliance and National Trust made a public statement, immediately after the announcement of a first package of support for businesses and employees. The group said that the closure measures put in place by Government are necessary, but put jobs and livelihoods at serious risk, and that they therefore welcome the announced package of support. They will continue to work with DCMS to find the right solutions for museums and heritage and for the UK. The statement also highlighted some of the many practical risks to museum work:  “for the museums and independent heritage sectors, this has also placed irreplaceable indoor and outdoor collections at risk, as well as the highly valued work we do in engaging people in their history; in supporting social cohesion; in providing spaces for learning and encouraging a better understanding of everyone’s place in the world.” Museums Journal,

NMDC's response to Covid-19

NMDC is staying in touch with DCMS about the consequences of the shutdown, and the practical things the sector can do during and after the current closures. In a statement, it said "DCMS and NMDC will be staying in constant engagement about the many financial implications both now and in the coming months. We both want to ensure that they can be a vibrant player in the future of our country’s culture and prosperity. Decisions about eventual reopening will be made in accordance with the latest scientific guidance." NMDC

Tell a sector body if your museum faces a 'significant threat'

AIM is urging museums that face serious problems in surviving the next couple of months to get in touch, or contact another sector body. It is in discussion with DCMS, NHLF and ACE to understand the needs of 'museums facing serious and imminent the next four to eight weeks'. It strongly encourages affected museums to email [email protected] or use the most appropriate contact for its museum type. AIM