NMDC produces guidance on EU PSI Directive 4/8/2015

On 18th July 2015, the EU PSI Directive was extended to cover “public museums, libraries (including university libraries) and archives” in the UK. The Directive means that under certain circumstances museums will be required to make some information available to other users for re-use. This is information produced by the museum as part of their “public task” - the stated purposes of the organisation derived from common administrative practice or Statute - and only where that information has already been made available to another user.

Public sector information is data, documents, images and electronic files created by a public body during the course of its core business. In a museum context this may include statistical information, documents, collections management records, or images in which the museum owns the IPR.

NMDC has produced guidance for museums about the EU Public Sector Information Directive. It is available here.

The Directive will apply to "public museums" - not all museums - and therefore to indicate whether or not a museum may be subject to the Directive, NMDC has produced this Decision Tree. It is for guidance only.

For more information about the EU PSI Directive and how it applies to museums, see here.